Tours are a wonderful option for travellers wanting to explore destinations in a very quick and cost-effective way. They incorporate all sorts of travel– you can take walking, cycling, truck, four-wheeled drive or bus tours. There are specialised tours for different age groups, some tours move at a sedate pace with loads of free time, some are action-packed adventures. What doesn’t vary among tours is that you are guaranteed to meet other travellers and learn a lot about wherever you are.

Multiple-day tours generally include some meals and all accommodation and transport. They have some excursions which are included, and offer extra excursions as an option. If you’re travelling solo you’ll have built-in companionship during your tour, and some tour companies also offer to pair you up with someone (of the same sex) in twin-share rooms, so you don’t need to pay a single supplement.

Tour companies know which attractions people are most interested in, and plan their itineraries around this. You’ll save a lot of time researching possible itineraries by using a tour company. They are also a safer way to explore unfamiliar territory – for instance, safari tours in Africa. Even in less dangerous situations, tour guides can ease your worries about local customs (tipping, manners etc).

There are thousands of tour companies in the world. Let me help figure out the best fit for you.

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