Hotels and the Star Rating System

A hotel is an establishment providing paid accommodation. Hotels used to offer basic accommodation in the past, but nowadays they mostly provide rooms with modern facilities, ensuite bathrooms, air-conditioning, a telephone, a TV set, an Internet connection; a mini-bar including a small refrigerator with drinks and snacks; depending on location there is usually a facility for making hot drinks in the room (an electric kettle, cups, spoons, instant coffee and tea bags, sugar, milk). Hotels usually have at least one restaurant and they provide conference services. Hotels are adding features as technology changes – like having USB charging ports in all rooms.

The quality of the hotel and its services is usually marked by stars according to the five stars classification. Most countries have an official body to set criteria for classifying hotels; unfortunately, to some degree, the criteria differ from one country to another. The general five star classification system for hotels determines the following objective criteria, satisfactory cleaning and maintenance being a basic requirement for all five categories:


1 Star Hotel

2 Star Hotel

3 Star Hotel

4 Star Hotel

5 Star Hotel